THINK STRAIGHT: Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life

49.00 (as of January 23, 2019, 6:25 pm)

THINK STRAIGHT: Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life

49.00 (as of January 23, 2019, 6:25 pm)


I know something about you without knowing you. I bet you spend A LOT of time in your head. You know, thinking, worrying, stressing, freaking out — call it whatever you wish to have. I call it a preoccupied mind. And with what?

99% of your thoughts are useless. William James, once the leading psychologist in America, and some of the founders of the philosophical school of pragmatism, put it best:

“A great many people think they are thinking when they are merely rearranging their prejudices.”

Pragmatism believes that the mind is a tool. Your mind should work for you, not against you. People who don’t master their mind, don’t imagine it’s imaginable.

They say: “I will be able to’t help but thinking these things.”

Well, you can TAKE CONTROL of your mind with enough practice. I’ve done it. And in THINK STRAIGHT, I share exactly how. It’s a quick read and you can use it to immediately to improve your thinking.

You have the ability to come to a decision what you think. Or, you can choose NOT to think.

And that is without doubt one of the most important and most practical things you can learn in life. Before I learned that skill, I would spend hours and hours inside my head.

Just think about how much you think.

  • “I wonder what my boss thinks?”
  • “What happens if I screw up and lose my job?”
  • “What if my business never takes off?”
  • “Does she love me?”
  • “Why does my life suck?”
  • “What if I get cancer?”
  • “I will be able to’t finish anything. What’s wrong with me?

And the list goes on.

THINK STRAIGHT reveals the recipe for taking control of your mind so you can improve your life, career, relationships, business.

I wrote this little book in a way that you can read it more than once. And I hope that this book serves as an anchor to you–especially right through trying times.

The mind is the most powerful tool on earth. Change the way you think. And you can change your life.

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